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What is UcaaS ?

Modern technology provides many ways to keep in touch with your team and your clients. You can schedule conference calls, meet with one another through video chats, and stay in contact throughout the day with enterprise chat instant messaging. All of these tools have their place in business communications, even when a team is working in the office as opposed to telecommuting from home.

However, keeping up with the accounts and systems needed for these different forms of communication can get complicated, and expensive. That's where UCaaS (unified communications as a service) comes in. As its name suggests, UCaaS integrates multiple methods of communication to simplify business communication management. It connects business communications apps across multiple devices, so that users have the ultimate flexibility. They can even start a meeting on one device and finish it on another.

With more and more people working from home, flexibility has become essential in the workplace. A UCaaS provider like Citi-Tel can save your business money and energy while making it easy to offer your employees the versatility and ease they deserve in their communications.

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS is a service built on unified communications, a concept that integrates multiple communication services for businesses. Unified communications focuses on all forms of communication for businesses, not just voice. The selection of services that are integrated can vary slightly between brands, but it generally includes a combination of enterprise instant messaging, voice communications through telephone, and video and audio conferencing options. It may also feature tools like file sharing and calendar syncing.

UCaaS takes unified communications to the next level by offering this as a cloud-based service. With each service based in the cloud, there's no need to employ on-site hardware. This allows users to access these communication tools from any device.

When you take the need for physical equipment out of the equation, you get to enjoy unified communication with much greater flexibility. Using UCaaS lets you change your communication setup to meet your business's needs as they evolve.

As a relatively new concept, UCaaS has evolved a lot in recent years, and is expected to grow significantly more. The service is becoming increasingly popular as more businesses find the need to simplify their workflow at a time when telecommuting is at an all time high.

A cloud made out of a blue lines connected to multiple dives, with the multiple items around it

UCaaS and Microsoft Teams

Combining the power and flexibility of UCaaS with the innovative Microsoft Teams app is a great way to bring versatility to your team's communications. Microsoft Teams brings several essential forms of enterprise communications to the table. The app allows users to shift seamlessly between instant messaging and video calls. It also has easy ways to share files for viewing or editing, or link calendars, documents, and notes for remote collaboration.

Microsoft Teams is all about helping you enhance and perfect your business's communicating. In addition to the services it offers, Microsoft Teams is known for partnering with companies like Citi-Tel to bring you the services you need through a flexible UCaaS setting. This means you and your team members can access the fluid communications offerings of Microsoft Teams from and device. Without needing any form of on-premise infrastructure, you'll be able to start a meeting on your smartphone and finish it on your desktop, or keep up with file sharing and instant messaging from anywhere.

At the same time, when paired with a UCaaS provider, Microsoft Teams can integrate with on-site hardware like PSTN. This way, you can go from communicating via a traditional phone system to a video conference call without any hassle.

UCaaS and Zoom

The pairing of UCaaS and Zoom is another excellent way to optimize ease and flexibility of communications. Although Zoom is known for its video conferencing, the app also offers communication services like instant messaging and telephony.

Zoom offers a platform for virtual conferencing and enterprise chat that is supported by UCaaS from providers like Citi-Tel. With the cloud-based services of UCaaS, businesses can organize Zoom meetings, phone calls, and group chats from any device. There is no need for an on-premise infrastructure, and no need to switch between apps to get from one form of communication to another. While UCaaS simplifies the mobility and flexibility of the service itself, Zoom creates an intuitive, single-app space where the communications integrate with one another.

Benefits of UCaaS

Clearly one of the major benefits of UCaaS is its versatility. Remember, with UCaaS each person from your team can access communication platforms from any device, whether it's a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop. They are not limited to on-site hardware. Moving from one form of communication to another is simple and fluid, and it's just as easy to switch mid conference call from a tablet to a laptop.

UCaaS is also flexible by design. With UCaaS, it's very easy to add phone lines for new employees or locations, or to remove unnecessary lines.

Since UCaaS doesn't require an on-premise infrastructure, it's sure to save you money. You'll find more value in this cloud-based system than you would in something based on site, where your IT department would be responsible for maintaining equipment. You can save money on IT and on the energy bills you might receive with lots of hardware operating on site.

Plus, you'll never have to worry about upgrading. Since it's based in the cloud, UCaaS takes care of its own upgrades. Your communication apps will always be equipped with the latest, high-quality tech. You'll continue to get the best without the need to run through long and frustrating upgrades within your equipment.

The user benefits are just as impressive as the value and flexibility that the service brings to your company. With communication tools like file sharing, chatting, and video conferencing all seamlessly integrating, UCaaS improves workflow and productivity.

Having the option to work from any device and to swap between devices in the process is essential to telecommuting. Everything about UCaaS simplifies a business's communication needs, which is why this recent service is expected to keep up its rapid growth.

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