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Data Solutions

Today's network is your business' competitive advantage.

40% of businesses that suffer an interruption of their operations fail within 5 years. The network is not just a compilation of connected equipment and software – it is the enabler for your entire organization. It's the information that you collect and use on a daily basis. Today's network is your business' competitive advantage.

Implementing a well designed enterprise network, utilizing the right combination of hardware and software, will drive your business to the next level. Properly maintaining that network will keep your business running efficiently and productively. The end result of a computer network maintenance plan is an office that is happy and productive with a budget line item that is predictable.

Having the right company to stand behind your network is as important as the network itself. The network engineers at Citi-Telecom Solutions are experienced professionals, able to support a wide variety of industry leading products from our Global Partners like Microsoft, Dell, and Cisco. We offer pre-paid service plans for both preventive and reactive maintenance that include the following services:

  • End User Support
  • Consulting Services
  • 3rd Party Vendor Liaison
  • Network Design, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Troubled Network Assessment
  • Remote Support Services
  • Secure Wireless Connectivity
  • Remote Office Support
  • VoIP & VPN
  • Software Support
  • Database Support
  • Firewall & Router Support
  • Server Virtualization and Consolidation
  • Large Capacity Data Storage
  • Security and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Network Monitoring
  • Online Backup
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